Wednesday, September 19, 2012

36 Week Appointment

Doctors Appointment

Today was my 36 week appointment, and boy was it a doozie!

We started with a sonogram to get an idea of how big Embry is. Immediately the sonogram tech said two things... "boy this baby is taking up a LOT of room" and "you sure have a lot of water in there". She took eight (!!) different measurements of just black space, which we found out was the amniotic fluid. I know they aren't allowed to tell the patients much info, but I could tell something was up with the fluid. She went on to measure Embry's head, abdomen and femur. All of those calculated into.... a 39 week gestational age!!! She's huge!!!

We (I) was really freaking out and we had to go to the waiting room to wait for my doctor to call us back. When my doctor called us in, she said she was concerned about a few things. I now have polyhydramnios, which is basically excessive amniotic fluid. Plus, Embry is measuring very big. It's no wonder I've been quite uncomfortable and "feeling big" lately! I have good reason! Hah!

The long story short is that with the mixture of the polyhydramnios and big baby, she wants to schedule a c-section for the 38th week.

Next Monday we will go have one more sonogram, with the perinatalogist, and then take the results to my doctor. If things are the same (still a big baby and lots of 'waters') we will schedule a c-section for the following week. Crazy.

Jacob and I both are still trying to take it all in. All along I've been saying I hope she comes early and I hope to be induced so I can have some say in her birth date and I guess I got my wish. Although, I am a little sad to be having a c-section, it's pretty exciting that in two weeks we'll probably be parents!

We will definitely update everyone Monday night!!!

Other Pregnancy News...

Not much! Now all we can think about is Embry coming in less than two weeks!

Here's my 36 week photo!

36 w, 2 d... Lots of baby and fluids, huh?

Well be sure to update next week!

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