Monday, June 11, 2012

Perinatologist Appointment (22 Weeks)

Hi! If you read the update on our 20 week appointment you'll know we were scheduled to go to a Perinatologist this week. My doctor does the 'big' sono at 18 weeks where they get a ton of important images of the big organs (brain, heart, kidneys, bladder, etc) and measure every bone, etc. Well little Embry was very wiggly at the 18 week appointment and the tech wasn't able to get the necessary heart scans and measurements. So they made me come back at the 20 week to get another sono and this time she was too relaxed and wouldn't move. So they sent me to a specialist, strictly for his sonogram skills.

Dr. Rinehart's exact words were "you guys need to get outta here; you and the baby are too healthy for my office!". He took a look at her heart, brain, the umbilical cord, etc. and said everything looked "wonderful"! Got the stamp of approval from the Director of Maternal High Risk Program for the entire Dallas Presby hospital! Phew! He was the sweetest man ever, but I sure hope I don't have to see him again =)

Fun stats from the appointment- All of her measurements combined for an estimate of her weight being 1 lb 1 oz! Her heartbeat was 157 bpm! Also, it was our last scheduled sonogram. So I'm so glad Jacob and I both got to be there for the last look at our girl in utero. Later down the road if they're worried about birth weight, positioning, etc. they will do another sono, but if things keep going this smoothly, we won't have another one.

They only printed two pictures of the sono for us and personally I think they're creepy! Face shots are always so weird! Here's our little girl looking at us =)  (Our scanner is on the fritz, so I just snapped these with my iPhone of the picture, hence the quality!)

Here's a shot of me today, officially 22 weeks along. Feeling awfully big lately!

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