Thursday, May 31, 2012

20 Week Appointment

Well we're halfway there! I cannot believe I am officially halfway through my pregnancy!

Doctor's Appointment

I had my 20 week doctor's appointment on Wednesday May 30. Everything with me checked out good! Good blood pressure (120/70) and I've gained a total of 13.5 pounds since the begining of the pregnancy. I talked to my doctor about it since I didn't gain much in the begining and put on more this past month and she said I'm right on track. They'd like to see me gain 1-1.5 pounds per week from here on out. Ugh! All for a good cause I suppose =)

Well Little Miss Stuborn is at it again. During our 18 week sonogram (the big gender reveal), the baby was uncooperative to say the least. She was quite comfy curled up in a little ball. Luckily two weeks ago we were finally able to move me around enough to find out her gender. But some important scans were missed because of her position. So they sent me back to the sonogram tech today and once again the baby was so cute all curled up in a ball. We tried for about 30 minutes to move me around and aggrivate the baby with no luck.

They have decided to send me to a Perinatologist in a week and a half to get the last few scans of our girls' heart. My doctor told me over and over, they are NOT concerned that anything is wrong and to not be worried, but that this doctor has much more sophisticated equipment and can usually get the heart scans even if the baby is not positioned correctly. If nothing else, we'll at least get to see our baby again! Yay!

I didn't get any pictures from the sonogram...I actually forgot them at the office, whoops!! ("Pregnancy Brain" is FOR REAL!!!) But since she was curled up in a ball, not much could be seen. (It was confirmed that the baby was a girl though!)

Feeling and looking very pregnant these days. (20 wks, 2 days)

What's New

We had a great Memorial Day Weekend with the Fannings in Kingsland at the lake. Jacob and I actually went out to the lake Thursday night and both worked Friday from there! It was so nice to be able to spend four nights at our little paradise on the lake!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend!

Jacob and three yellow labs on the beach!

Me and Tomi with our "Mini Blizzards" from DQ in Kingsland

Poor Dad and his torn ACL

Athena loving the lake

The first lake house shrimp boil!!! SOOOO good!!!

Dad and Mom on the beach

James' birthday dinner at Mr. Gattis

James' 14th Birthday Cake

Tired dog after a long weekend...

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