Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby Higgins is a.......


Jacob and I found out at about 2:00 pm on Friday May 11 that our sweet baby is a GIRL! Hooray!!

Our appointment was at 1:00 pm and I thought right off the bat the sonogram tech would let us know the sex! Not how it worked. She had to get a TON of images of the brain, heart, kidneys, etc, etc, etc...

Finally by about 1:30 she started trying to find out the sex of the baby! It took OVER twenty minutes. The baby was very comfortable all curled up with her legs crossed. The tech kept having me turn from side to side, then sit up, lay back down, etc. Luckily something seemed to work (finally!!!). She told us, "okay, I know what the baby is!" Jacob of course asked if she was 100% confident. She told us that she does NOT tell couples the sex of the baby unless she's absolutely sure.

When she said, "YOU'RE HAVING A.....GIRL" I burst into tears! I just could not believe it. Jacob and I both felt like it was a boy the past few months. And since Jacob comes from a family with a bunch of brothers, he was convinced he'd have all boys himself!

It was really hard to keep it a secret from our families for the next 24 hours, but luckily we were both super busy getting the house ready for Jacob's graduation party!

At 3:00 pm Saturday May 12 we met both of our families at lunch at The Ocenaire and we had planned to do the gender reveal then! Everyone was chomping at the bit to bite into their cake ball!

These next few photos are quite funny! I love each persons reaction! I think we have some excited aunts, uncles and grandparents! =)

Now, check out the video Jacob took of all the excitement!!!


The rest of the day was surreal! Being able to call the baby a "she" is awesome! Feels so much more real. Then getting to watch my husband walk across the stage at graduation from law school...AWESOME!

I will post later this week pictures from graduation and the graduation party!

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  1. Congratulations Cori and Jacob!! Cori you are absolutely radiant! Pregnancy agrees with you.....Jacob, you are glowing too:-) So many wonderful blessings to be thankful for.
    Love all our girls!!