Thursday, May 3, 2012

16 Week Appointment

Doctors Appointment

Today I had my 16 week appointment. Technically I am 16w3d. I saw a new-to-me doctor today since mine was on vacation, and throughout pregnancy I'm required to see all physicans at Women's Health Specialist just in case they're on call when I deliver.

Things went great! My blood pressure is still good and I've gained two more pounds in the past month (though my body has completely changed!!!) I heard the baby's heart beat and again, the baby was a little difficult. This new doctor told me I have a very squirmy baby, but that the heart beat sounded great! She answered my few questions and sent me on my way! (Jacob couldn't attend this appointment due to a meeting at SMU).

What's New With The Mom-To-Be

I have been in my second trimester for almost three weeks and have been feeling great. (Some consider the start of the second trimester to be 13w3d, others 14 weeks) My major 'symptom' in my first trimester was fatigue and I can definitely tell it's much better. I still feel like napping some afternoons, but it's not nearly as bad as it was during the first few months.

I am having what I consider horrible pregnancy acne! I was really lucky during my teen years/puberty and never had more than a pimple or two at "the time of the month". It's driving me nuts as I'm used to having nice, smooth skin. It's really bad on my forehead and along my hairline. Oh well! I'd take this any day over morning sickness!

A week ago today I woke up feeling completely different. Wednesday April 25 I was having cramps all day and night. That evening I was sitting with my feet up and Jacob could tell I was uncomfortable. I have read that it's common to have "round ligament pain" during this period since the baby is growing at such a rapid speed. Anyway, Thursday morning I woke up feeling like I totally popped overnight! I've heard from TONS of moms that the exact same thing happened to them. I guess there's a point where things shift from within your pelvic bone to up and out! I felt so different waking up and getting out of bed. I couldn't wait for Jacob to get up to see if he noticed. It wasn't just me; he thought my bump was definitely popping out! So fun!

16 Weeks, 2 Days

What's New With The Dad-To-Be

Jacob is officially DONE with Law School! His last final exam was Tuesday May 1! Hooray!!!!! Graduation is on Saturday May 12 and we are having a party for him on Sunday May 13. Both of our families will be in from Austin, so we're pretty excited for that! (Not to mention, we'll know the sex of the baby by then!!!!!!)

Jacob will spend the summer studying for the Bar Exam (July 24-26) and job hunting.


In April we had the Embrys to town for the weekend and had a great time. Saturday we all had to go downtown to the court house to play jurors in a mock trial Jacob was a part of for one of his classes. It was quite a fun experience! We also had two other couples to dinner and had a great evening chatting with them. We got to go to the Dallas Athletic Club for brunch on Sunday which is quite a treat! (Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures from the weekend!)

We also made a trip to Austin in April to be a part of filming House Hunters with Ruthie and Jon. It was quite an experience to see how much work goes into filming a 22 minute episode!

The House Hunters crew filming a game of bags

We were so happy to be able to attend Erin and Cody's Surprise Engagement Party while in town. I hate missing out on these fun get-togethers in Austin, so it was awesome we were in town for this!

The future Mr. and Mrs. Levay!

I've been spending the past few days really getting ready for Jacob's graduation weekend and gender reveal! I will be traveling to Chicago this weekend and next week so trying to get everything in order! We've decided to do cake balls for the gender reveal and to save time I made both pink and blue ahead of time! I will thaw the color we need and dip them in chocolate next Friday and our family members will all get to bite into them next Saturday! I cannot wait to see which ones we will be using!

Prepping for cake balls!

Which color will we need?!?!?!

Well, that's all for now! The next time I post we'll know what gender Baby Higgins is! Yay!

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