Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The House of Higgins: July 12

Colorado Vacation with the Fannings

We went on our annual summer vacation with my family July 1-5 to Breckenridge, CO. We stayed in an awesome huge house, did all kinds of fun things, enjoyed the cool weather, and family time. Embry's favorite part of the entire trip was the hot tub. Easy to please. Hah. 

Drive from Denver to Breck. Two snoozing kids. 

The backyard to the house

Books with Mimi

Family pushup contest- Mimi won!!!

We hired two babysitters Sunday and the 8 adults went on a white water rafting trip! 

Our Aunt and Uncle, cousin, wife and two kids were in town as well for a wedding! So fun to get all 7 Fanning Great Grandkids together for the first time!

My dad, his brother, and their 7 grandkids 

Lucy's first french braids

We paid a good amount of money for passes to this adventure park and Embry despised all the rides we forced her to do..............

Embry's other favorite part....eating Dip-n-dots

Riding the Breck Gondola up to the top!

She went panning for gemstones and was absolutely obsessed! She asked if we could FaceTime her friends in Dallas to show them her gemstones. Hah. 

Chick-fil-A Opening

Big news in our world. Chick-fil-A opened a mile from our house and we are pumped! We braved the first day grand opening =) 

Dallas Arboretum

Pizza and Swimming with Friends

July 11

Yesterday was our anniversary and the whole world celebrated with us, haha! Amazon Prime Day, Chick-fil-a Cow Appreciation Day and 7-eleven free slurpee day! We took part in all of the above! Our kids are in a camp this week 3 days so they were gone from 9:30-2:30 so Jacob and I met for a lunch date. The kids and I, along with friends, got free slurpees and Chick-fil-A after "camp"! 


We love the library

Our neighbor, Eliot, gave us all his boy dress-ups! Pirate policeman fire chief Todd!

E and T went to a fun two day camp at a local church- kind of a mini VBS. They had a blast!

Pool day at our friends the Parkers house!

Everyone loves a visit from E-Pa when he works in Dallas!

Learning about Daniel and the lion!

T was due for a haircut! 

Jacob and I call this his "cool man" face. Where he tries not to smile. He does it often and we LOVE i!

Our favorite FroYo place is Monster Yogurt...we have a rewards card there and earned a free t-shirt a few weeks ago! Super fun...except for we found out that means we've spent $250 there. Hah


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