Saturday, March 18, 2017

Todd: 18 Months Old

18 Month Stats

Weight:  28 ish pounds. Varies between 28-29 pounds our home scale and scale at the gym! (Embry was 24 pounds at 18 months! LOL)
Height: 34 inches
Diapers: Size 4
Clothes: Mostly 24 month or 2T. For shirts he wears 2T for sure.
Shoes: Size 6
Eating: Darn it, he's getting picky! He used to eat anything I put in front of him! He's still a rockstar breakfast eater... Eggs, oatmeal, cereal, pancakes, pretty much anything I give him. Embry got picky around this age and I catered to it and would make her a second meal for dinner, but not doing that with this guy. A few nights this week he tried some of my dinners (some chicken here and there), but for the most part he eats whatever sides I serve...some fruit or veggies and Greek yogurt. His favorites are string cheese, Greek yogurt, Cheerios, Kids Cliff Bars, pouches (still obsessed with pouches). He also loves organic whole milk! He wasn't a huge fan but as of the past 6 weeks he's upped his milk game big time.
Sleeping: 11.5 hours at night. As of day light savings time he's now doing 7:30pm-7:00am! (instead of 6:30-6). He's an awesome napper and naps 2-3.5 hours every day! He's pretty good napping at school too and frequently does a 2 hour nap there (twice a week).
Teeth: 14 teeth. Poor guy cut SIX new teeth in one month. 3 canines and 3 molars. He went through a span of waking at night for 3 weeks or so and it was while he was cutting these teeth and had an awful head cold at the same time. The 4th canine and molar are cutting right now. Ready for this teething phase to be over!
Words: He's become quite chatty these past few months! Unlike his big sis, he'll now repeat any word we ask him to say! He says probably 15 words regularly- mama, mommy, dada, more, up, hot, dog, duck, more, Papa, ball, hi, rawr, etc....
Favorite Toys: He's our little outside man! He LOVES playing anything outside and does great at parks especially. Loves trucks and anything that goes, dinosaurs, books, balls, stealing anything that Embry is playing with.
Favorite Books: Vroom (a book about trains, cars, trucks, etc.), The Little Engine That Could, books with animals because he likes to rawr at every animal....haha

New Things!

*From 15-18 months is the longest we've ever gone with NO pediatrician visit!!! Looks like the tubes are doing their job! Hooray!
*Had an awesome second Christmas! =)
*Moved up in school to the "Baby 2" class room! He's so big and does arts and crafts, goes to music class, plays outside, etc.  He LOVES his new class and playing the day away!
*Does great at the gym daycare! Since dropping his morning nap I take the kids to the gym 3 or 4 mornings a week and he willingly runs into the child care!

*On a new sleep schedule thanks to Daylight Savings! Sleeping in until at least 7 am! Hooray!
*Such a little boy! So fun to see his little rough and tumble personality come out.
*Turning picky with food. Still obsessed with pouches though.
*Still obsessed with his Daddy.
*He has gotten in trouble for hitting his sister and friend countless times... He also loves slap fighting and hitting Jacob for fun....soooooo yeah haha
*He travels so well! He sleeps in new places just fine, is great in the car, etc.
*First stomach bug =( Poor baby.
*More talkative! But still communicates with lots of pointing and grunting. Hah. Hoping in the next three months that will change!
*Loves to climb! He completely scaled a 4 foot chain link fence at a park about a month ago. Luckily his sleep sack keeps him in his crib! 
*Knows all his body parts when asked
*He's super silly- I know it's the age too, but multiple times a day Jacob and I say to each other how goofy he is! 
*Just the cutest little boy I ever did see! Love you Todder man! 

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