Saturday, February 11, 2017

The House of Higgins: February 11

Dallas Arboretum: First Trip of the Year

We had a free day and it was supposed to be sunny and in the 60's so we planned to hit up the Arboretum with friends and it most definitely was cloudy and freezing but we still went. Hah. I didn't even have coats for my kids. Whoops. They still had fun with their friends!

Play All Day

One day we got home from the park and I couldn't find Embry. She immediately grabbed some ponies and was playing quietly behind the couch. I absolutely love this age and how well she plays alone and oh her imagination! So great! Love these shots.


Todd's ENT Follow Up

Mid January we had an ENT follow up. He had a few hearing tests and his hearing was 100% on all of them. Then we saw the doctor and his tubes were placed great and open and working perfectly!

Magnolia Day Trip for Kiki's Birthday

We spent Saturday January 21 meeting Mark and Kathleen in Waco at Magnolia for Kathleen's Birthday! It was a gorgeous afternoon and we all had a blast eating food truck food, Magnolia cupcakes, and running around! Unfortunately, Embry got carsick on the drive home but at this point we're kinda used to her motion sickness. I'm so bummed she inherited this yucky trait from me.


Dallas Zoo

The Harts Visit Dallas

Jon had to travel to Ohio over a weekend so Ruthie decided to head to Dallas and we were SOOOO excited!!! We had fun hitting up the Perot Museum, playing at home, shopping, etc! I love that the cousins get to grow up together!

Embry told me multiple times- Gideon is my favorite baby!

Ford and Embry having quiet time together playing nonstop

Making candy necklaces

Cousin PJ party

First Night in Sponge Curlers

Embry got sponge rollers in her stocking this Christmas! We kinda forgot about them until recently and we tried them one night and she was in heaven!

I love her so so much!!!

Visit From Nicole and Mark, Kathleen, and Luke

Jacob's cousin Nicole from San Francisco came to stay with us after extending a business trip! She was here for 3 nights! Jacob's parents and brother came up for one night to visit with her too! We had a nice relaxing weekend with lots of chatting, eating, and shopping! 

Embry decided on Super Bowl Sunday she wasn't scared of her bike! She's been addicted ever since!

Dallas Arboretum

Park Weather!

These past few weeks have given us some fabulous park weather and we've been taking full advantage!

Visit From Great Gram and Great Papa

My grandparents from Chicago made their annual trip to Texas and are staying at my parents lake house for the next month. I got to see them in December at my cousins wedding, but my kids haven't seen them since last February! They stopped at our house for a quick 24 hour visit before getting down to Austin and the kids had an absolute blast! They both love when new people are here and love to show off for them.


Mother daughter date to see Trolls at the Dollar Theater!

Embry loved when T was still asleep at school one day and she got to wake him up! Haha

Broccoli boy

A new found love for Go-Fish!

Bunny boy

Pajamas and matching bows ;)

Poor little brothers

February 2014 and 2017- Love these two E's!

Visiting one of my best friends and her new baby in the hospital


Girls night out!

Showing his face after being put in time out for hitting pitiful

Sleepy head at school- waking up from her nap

New (hand me down) clothes for her stuffed animals from Mimi and Papa

Royalty out shopping ;)

Eliot's grandpa made us these card holders! We currently love playing Go Fish!


Rainbow Unicorn outfit from Mimi and Papa

Mama and Embry in our blue robes

New Mini Magnadoodles from Mimi and Papa!

Just a week after E's carsickness incident, she had a super quick 6 hour stomach bug/fever. Luckily it was very short lived!

Todd didn't love Embry being quarantined to her room


When you're not allowed to hit people.....

New chairs

Embry's good friend Corinne had her birthday party at a nail salon! So fun!

E's coloring is getting SO great! Realistic colors and staying in the lines!

Bunny boy! A rare nap with no sleepsack- he fell asleep in the car and transferred to the crib!

T being too cool for school when I picked him up! He moved up to the "Baby Two's" class at school and is loving his new room with the big kids!

Choir! Yes, my kids are in footie pjs at choir at 6pm! LOL Also, T loves that he can join in!

Earning his keep

I've come to accept that this boy will always have snot in his nose and skinned up knees!



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