Monday, February 27, 2017

The House of Higgins: February 27

All Things Valentine's Day

I'm a sucker for all things holidays especially now that I'm a mom! We had some fun celebrations at school, with friends, and with our family. We gave Embry some new unicorn PJs and bike accessories and Todd got a football, soccer ball and some new trucks! Ever since Embry's been born we haven't gone out on Valentine's Day, we've ordered LOVErs Pizza! This year we went out on a family date with our neighbors to Lovers!

We went to my gym on Valentine's Day and they did the cutest craft with the kiddos!

Trying Calimari

Celebrating William's Birthday

Dallas Zoo

A Trip To Austin

The kids and I went on a long weekend to Austin to get some more time with my grandparents who are in from Chicago for the month! Lots of cousin time!

Stomach Bug for Toddy

Sunday after we got home from Austin Todd puked A TON! Like got all over me and Jacob both. He threw up twice more Monday morning and literally slept ALL day Monday. He only woke up for small bits at a time. It was pretty sad. Luckily Embry went to school Monday so Todd and I got to just snuggle all day. Tuesday midday he started acting like himself again!

Thank God for Amazon grocery delivery!

Wednesday morning he woke up ready to go and happy as can be!

Park Fun

Celebrating Eliot's Birthday

Saturday we had a cookout with some neighbors and celebrated our favorite 6 year old neighbors birthday =)

Embry Mommy Date Day

Moana was playing at our Dollar Theater and I thought it was time for another Mommy Embry date! When we told her Saturday that after church I'd be taking her to a movie she got SOOO excited and said- AND THEN WE CAN GET OUR NAILS DONE!! How could we say no to that?!? We had such a fun afternoon! During the movie she kept saying- This is SO fun! Then during our pedicure she kept saying- This is SO relaxing! Hahah! She's the best! 


Pictures from Todd's teachers at school! Love seeing him in action!

Always some sort of cut, scab, or bruise going on with this guy.


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