Monday, September 19, 2016

The House of Higgins: September 19

Phew! This is a BIG post! Hah! I DO love keeping up this blog and I LOVE having it to look back on! But with busy weekends, it's been hard to do it weekly! 

If you missed Toddy's 12 month, aka one year post, it's here

Labor Day at the Lake House

Embry HATED the wave runner hahah

Kiki came out to the lake for the day Sunday!

Embry loved playing with Ford's toy mechanic car

Toy snakes from Mimi

Week in Austin

The kids and I spent the week after Labor Day in Austin! They're MDO school was closed all week between summer and fall sessions and we hadn't been to Austin since April so it was the perfect time to go! We got lots of cousin and grandparent time and had a bunch of fun!

Dress-ups and dolls with Lucy

Mimi fixing a hole in Lovey!

The four Fanning Grands

Cankles galore

Swimming at Kiki and E-Pa's

Embry's "special bed" that she loves at Mimi and Papa's- an air mattress in the closet

Grandma Gordon's 80th Birthday Party

Jacob met us back in Austin for the weekend after Labor Day for Grandma Gordon's 80th birthday party! Such a fun evening!

Grandma and her line dance friends putting on an awesome show for the crowd =)

Toddy loved the dancing!

Grandma and her line dancing ladies!

First Day of School

Monday September 12 was a big day! Jacob's 31st birthday! And Embry and Todd's first day of the fall school year! Embry moved up to a new class and Toddy started for the first time! Both kids did well! They told me Embry was quiet that day (only two other kids from her old class moved up into her new classroom) and Todd "did great for his first day" but didn't really play and didn't nap great. Embry seems to be loving her new class now! And Todd is getting better! Yay! They both go Mondays and Wednesdays for 5 hours.

A Week Back in Dallas

We had a short week back in Dallas before heading back to Austin AGAIN! Phew. Lots of travel this fall, but all for good reasons! =)

Jacob's 31st birthday! Brownies with Andes Mints sprinkled in them =)

Embry's first day of church choir! LOL it's pretty cute!

Poor, poor little brothers, hahahah

Long hair boy! Got called a girl TWICE last week. Hair cut is scheduled for this week!

Daylamani Wedding

We headed back to Austin Friday during the day for some of our good friends weddings. Jacob was a groomsmen for one of his besties, Dan, at a gorgeous wedding! We had a great time at all of the weekend events! Congrats to Dan and ReAnne! And thanks to Aunt Tomi for babysitting our kids both nights!!

Rehearsal done! off to the Rehearsal dinner!

View from the rehearsal dinner!

We played during the day Saturday with the Harts!

Found my groom =)

Toddy's First Birthday

Well the kids big joint party is coming up on October 1st, but we still loved celebrating our best little guy Sunday, despite being tired and maybe a big hungover from the wedding ;) We had brunch at Kiki and E-Pa's house then drove back to Dallas. Hah, super exciting day! We just love this little boy more than we ever could have imagined!!! I can't wait to watch him keep growing!

Cupcakes at Kiki's!


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