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The House of Higgins: October 10

Toddy's 12 Month Well Check

Way back a few weeks ago (hehe) Todd had his 12 month well check. He's growing like a weed and in the 75% for height and they weighed him at 21.6 pounds which put him in the 27%. I knew that was wrong since I'd weighed him around 23 pounds a few days earlier. They had him stand up on the big kid scale and he was holding the wall. Ugh. Turns out he had an ear infection (which antibiotics did NOT knock out and we had to go back for more Rocephen shots, ugh) and he weighed in at....surprise surprise... 23 pounds. Which puts him in the 75% for weight too. 

Other than the ear infection, he's a healthy guy and on track developmentally for fine motor and gross motor


Toddy's First Haircut

It was definitely time to get Toddy's hair cut and we did on September 20, just two days after his first birthday. He didn't love being strapped into the chair, the cape, or the clippers! Hah! Most was solved with his first dum-dum sucker though! He sure looks cute and like a little boy now, not so much a baby!

Before and after

Pumpkin Village at the Dallas Arboretum

Toddy's birthday weekend Pumpkin Village opened back up at the Dallas Arboretum! Which means, every Tuesday through mid November we head to the Arboretum for all of the fun, FREE activities! Face Painting, Petting Zoo, Kindermusik, etc!  We all love going and hanging with friends and running around.

Embry singing into a fake microphone, LOL

Passed out!

Daddy Daughter Night Out

Jacob and Embry went out on a date on "National Daddy Daughter Night Out" and double dated with one of Embry's besties, Sophie, and her Daddy. They went out to dinner and for FroYo and Embry had SUCH a great time!

Kids Birthday Party on Embry's Birthday

The kids party was on Embry's real birthday and I was super emotional leading up to it! I remember not being sad at all on her 1st birthday (same with Toddy's 1st), but being really emotional on her 2nd. Last year I was too tired to be too sad having a 13 day old baby, haha. But man, I was emotional and am thinking of my first baby being 4! I feel like I want to write a blog post about Embry Sue at age 4 so I can remember all the fun this age is bringing! In case I don't, I sure hope I remember her enthusiasm for EVERYTHING! School, ballet, the Arboretum, going on a walk, vacuuming...literally anything. She has the most amazing imagination and plays more and more and longer and longer with her door closed (her choice,wahhhh) in her own little world. Every day, sometimes every hour brings a new imaginative world and I just love watching it. She loves art, drawing, writing, all things crafty, and seems to be ahead of her peers in this area. She is super sweet- Jacob had a hurt toe for weeks and still to this day she asks about it. She performs all day long, literally ALL DAY LONG. She is a great big sister to Todd and rarely has any jealousy (and it's only ever with Jacob and Toddy- never me). She is the most girly girl ever- everything must be pink, sparkly, ruffly, girly-I love it. She is a pretty bad eater and refuses to try new things. If it were up to her she would survive on Pediasure, snacky carbs, sweets and fruit. She still is pretty hard for a lot of people to understand and while her articulation is definitely getting better, her speech is not great. She still naps most days and sleeps 11+ hours at night. She no longer likes to bathe with Todd, but loves showers where she can play pretend or with My Little Ponies in the quiet. We just love her to pieces!!!!
I'd been working on the kids combined Fox Party for months and it turned out perfect! All of our family came from Austin and one set of my grandparents even flew in from Kansas City! It was on Embry's real birthday, October 1! It was the PERFECT weekend!!

Fourth anniversary of being parents!


We had the kids baptized the weekend of the kids party so that our families could be a part of it! It was a perfect morning and Embry's church choir, the Cherubs, even performed! It was absolutely adorable!

Gramma and Grampa Great and their Great Grands

Embry's Four Year Well Check 

Embry had her 4 year well check a few days after her birthday and I've been talking up the shots for weeks! She shockingly was super chill going into it and kept telling me she wouldn't cry....and she was RIGHT! The first and second shots she just flinched and for the third she started fussing that I was holding her down too tight. Hah. The nurse made me hold her arms down above her head and she didn't like that. I was so proud! (Although those poor skinny legs, she woke up from her nap in tears, limping, saying her legs hurt- we iced them and she seemed fine). 

She's in perfect health, on track developmentally and all! The ASQ form I had to fill out for her 4 year developmental stuff was super involved! Glad I did it the night before as it took awhile and I had to ask her a bunch of stuff. Other than that, I'm shocked she's ONLY in the 75% for height (she seems bigger to me) and the 70% for weight (she seems smaller to me). But she's obviously perfect to us! She got eye tests, ear tests and even had to pee in a cup (which was comicial, hah).  

1 year well check, 4 year well check

Loved showing off her My Little Pony bandaids to her friends at the Arboretum!

Weekend in Austin

The kids and I went back to Austin again this past weekend for a wedding I was in Friday! Thursday-Friday the kids stayed with my family and Embry got to go to my high schools homecoming football game Friday! Go Mavs! She said her favorite part was "all the candy". (Mimi gave her a ring pop, haha). Friday-Sunday the kids were with Jacob's parents and Saturday they took them to Sea World and had a blast. Again, Embry said her favorite part was the candy! Hahah. Sense a theme? 

The wedding I was in was for one of my best friends and was so fun! I got to be a part of the Rehearsal Dinner Thursday and get pampered all day Friday! While Kiki and E-Pa had the kids at Sea World Saturday my sisters and I went to a movie and it was SO nice and relaxing!

Putting on a show for Uncle James

Oh Lordy, a karaoke machine with video...

Embry and Sam - another "baby Mav" - they're just a few days apart!

Besties at the rehearsal dinner!

The kids went to Catch Air Friday with the Harts and Mimi!

At Kiki and E-Pa's

At Sea World!



How could I forget- we ALL FOUR got a stomach bug the week before the kids party....Awful!

Toddy and Madden






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