Monday, February 15, 2016

The House of Higgins: February 15

Super Bowl Party

Last Sunday we hosted a Super Bowl Party with some friends and neighbors. We had a great time and the kids had a ball....and tore our house inside out! Hah!

My veggie "pizza"

Jacob's jalepeno poppers

Our Week

Cuties before E headed off to school!


Valentine's craft event at YMCA

Caroline and Embry

Big boy holding his own bottle

I don't know why I just adore this photo so much! Her happy little spirit!

Prince Toddy getting doted on

E and her loot after her Valentine's School Party!

Matching overalls!

The three musketeers!

I told Embry Todd was awake and a second later she was in his room taking of his sleepsack in his crib haha

Sweetest boy!

Valentine's Outfit from Great Aunt Jamie and family!

William's Super Hero Party

Saturday in the midst of our visitors, E had yet another birthday party for one of her besties! She was psyched to wear her new super hero garb and go somewhere with "just Mommy".

She wouldn't take off her mask all day! Haha

Cousin Nicole Visits, Grandparents, and Valentine's Day!

Jacob's cousin Nicole was in town all week for a work event and extended her trip to stay with us Friday-Sunday! It was so much fun having her and catching up! We hadn't seen her since we flew to her wedding with Embry in September of 2013 in San Fran! Saturday Kiki and E-Pa came to visit since Nicole was here! We all met back up Sunday for a Valentine's brunch and hanging at our house.

Pizza crust to gnaw on.

Arboretum Saturday morning

Playing with E-Pa

Kiki and Toddy

The whole gang playing play-doh

Toddy sleeping in the pack n play in our room

We set up her "fairy door" on Valentine's Eve to surprise her with in the morning.

True Embry fashion... when I pointed out the fairy dust (sparkles) on the ground she went to get her broom to clean it up. haha

Performing for Toddy!

In the mix of things Sunday morning my old co-worker stopped by for a visit. She moved away 2 years ago so it'd been awhile!

Nicole and the kiddos

E-Pa, Nicole, and Kiki and the babes

Family on Valentine's morning!

Playing with her fairy door!


Toddy giggling with Kiki

e&e had a Valentine's play date Sunday afternoon ;)



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