Sunday, August 18, 2013

Embry: 45 Weeks

A few things about this week:
-Baby Hart is here!!! Hooray! 
-Embry has her first tooth! Another hooray!
-Embry has stood a few times with no support for a short stint, but on Wednesday Jacob and I both got to see her go from the floor to standing position without holding onto anything! We were both so excited we think we scared her! Haha! 
-We put a slew of "baby" things up into the attic (Johnny Jump Up, Jumperoo, walker, Bumbo, baby bath tub, etc). Feels nice to have more space for her ever growing collection of toys, but also is kinda sad! I mean, how are we SIX weeks from her first birthday? Sigh....

He's Here!

Ford Nehemiah Hart arrived on Sunday August 11 at 11:46 pm! Ruthie was induced that afternoon and we all headed to the hospital. Her labor really started rolling when they broke her water around 5:45 pm, when I had taken Embry home to go to bed. Luckily, a family friend stayed at the house with E so I could go back to the hospital. Ruthie's blood platelet count was low (pregnancy induced) and so she wasn't able to get an epidural, poor thing!! After hours of laboring with no progression, Ford ended up being delivered via c-section just before midnight. I'm so glad we got to be at the hospital and meet him when he was just a few minutes old! I also can't wait to head back to Austin this Friday to go spend a week with him!

On our way to the hospital Sunday August 11 shortly after Ruthie was induced

Uncle Jon, E and Aunt Ruthie

The girls

Jon meeting Ford for the first time

The cutest baby boy there ever was!

He looks just like his Mama! 

We got to watch his check up in the nursery and his first bath!

Ruthie meeting Ford for the first time! So cool I got to be there. 

Ford and Embry FaceTimeing when Ford was about 6 hours old!!!

We arrived back to the hospital Monday around 10:00 am to go hold Ford for the first time! 


Holding my sweet nephew for the first time

Attempting to get a photo with a newborn and 10 month old is tough!

I went back to my parents to put E down for her nap, then spent the afternoon at the hospital holding Fordy =)

Mimi and her two grandbabies!

Cute little burrito! 

Ford cuddling with Aunt Tomi

Aunt Cori burping the little man!

Proud Mimi and Papa with their little guy!


Here are the last of our non-baby-Ford pictures from Austin. Sunday during the day Embry and I went to Kiki and E-Pa's house for a swim day! It was when we were there that we got news that Ruthie was in the hospital for good, to have a baby =) 

Most of Monday was spent back and forth between the hospital and then Tuesday morning we hit the road home to Dallas. It was SO good to get home to see Daddy after 11 days, but we SO enjoyed our time in Austin. 

FaceTime with Daddy! 

Swimming with E-Pa and Sophie

Pool girl!

Playtime at E-Pa and Kiki's!

Playing with Oscar

Playing with Uncle James and Ernie

Last night in Austin! I don't care to admit how many times we went to Sonic for half price shakes after 8:00pm while I was in town.....hahah

Home Sweet Home

Right when we got into town Tuesday we drove straight to a restaurant where we were meeting Jacob. We were both happy to see Daddy and then get home to our own stuff! E sure missed her toys! 

We had lots of chores and errands to catch up on this week, but managed to have a few fun play dates, sign up for MOPS (A mom's group I joined for 2013-2014 school year-can't wait!), and deliver a hot meal to a neighbor who just had her fourth baby in 4.5 years-yay for more newborns!

Kisses for sister Theenie

They sure missed each other

Getting into Daddy's basketball cards

A new game, dropping her loveys out of the crib....

Getting pretty good at walking behind the push toy

Happy girl

She has discovered my wallet, and now digs in the diaper bag to find it! 

My mom started feeding her off of a plate while in Austin, so we've started doing it at home too. She sometimes needs to be reminded not to lift it up, but she's pretty good about it!
How big is Embry? SOOOOO big!

Little sassy squishy face

Post bath selfies

Waiting for Daddy on the front porch

Play date at the Dallas Museum of Art- I joined a group called Metropolitan Mamas of Dallas

E and Mikey

Hungry girl!

We scored a DEAL at Goodwill! Found this wooden play cube for $3.99!!!! 

I had just told my mom at Target in Austin how I wanted one of these, but pointed out they were $60! 

This girl loves to play, play, play!

One of her very favorite books I find her looking through ALL THE TIME is a photo book of pictures of herself. It's a "My First Christmas" book so they're all Christmas photos. So funny that she loves it so much!

Like her Aunt Tomi, she loved cantaloupe this week. 

Highchair pics are becoming my fave, since she's forced to sit still! Hahah

Watching Mommy load the car!

Cruising in her car =)

My "Birthday"

Jacob insisted even though my birthday was two weeks ago that we set a day to celebrate from morning to night since we were apart on August 5. We declared Saturday my "birhtday" and woke up at 7:45 am (!!!!!!!!!) to Embry making noise in her crib. (She typically wakes between 6:00-6:30 am...very rarely does she sleep until 7:00 am). The crazy thing is she even went to sleep a little earlier, about 6:40 pm Friday night. Well, she awoke with A TOOTH!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY! There had been a bump for two days, so I knew it was coming, but finally I feel a little sharp tooth in there. It's still so tiny to see, so I don't have any pictures. (Also, you can see a TON of the pictures from the week, she has her hands shoved in her mouth)

Anyway, after our celebration of the tooth arriving we hit up Hypnotic Donuts which is the latest craze in Dallas, and luckily less than 2 miles from our house. Let me just say, it's as crazy and yummy as it looks. They have the most unique doughnut flavors and are famous for their chicken biscuits. Yummmm!!!

After Embry's morning nap we popped over to the Dallas Arboretum for a visit. The temps were very mild and almost chilly this morning, so something outside was a must! Didn't get many photos from the Arboretum, bummer! 

Instead of going out for dessert after dinner, when our darling E would be fast asleep, we did a mid afternoon frozen yogurt run when Embry got up from her nap and typically eats a snack. We also stopped at the library to let E get some energy out before heading home. Jacob hadn't seen her at the library recently and boy is she fun there. She crawls around the kid area like a mad woman! We ended the night grilling out after Embry went to bed. 

The doughnut we tried, maple bacon yumminess!

Waiting on our chicken biscuit

Yes, that's a glazed doughnut for the buns

Embry helped me open all my cards and gifts. I love saving even all my cards to open at once. 

Watching Daddy bathe Athena

Beautiful views at the Dallas Arboretum

Mommy kissing her dolly, kissing her dolly =)

Sampling froyo!

Quick stop at the grocery! 

Having a ball at the library

Playing peek-a-boo around the shelf

Love this picture so much! Love these two =)

With the Jumperoo gone, E now has a little corner for her toys

Birthday steak with tons of mushrooms-yum! 


Embry and Uncle James

Embry and Ernie

Embry runs from Papa laughing (one of my faves!!!)

Embry gives Mommy kisses, then blows hilarious! Little comedian!

Embry in the tub when Daddy gets home

Embry does "So Big!"

Embry wakes up from nap

Embry and her new toy, the play cube

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