Sunday, August 4, 2013

Embry: 43 Weeks

New Water Table 

Monday morning we went to one of our favorite thrift stores to browse and hit the jackpot. I've wanted a water table for Embry since she's been pulling up on things. In fact, I almost drove to North Dallas to get a used one for $15 off of a Mom's Resale Website I'm a part of. But, I managed to snag this for $4.99! We've already had a ball using it with friends and alone.  

Eliot didn't quite understand the water table wasn't a raised pool...

Two cuties!!!! 

Taking a water table break in my pink chair =)

Flip Flops

Yes, her first time wearing flip flops is deserving of a whole section on the blog. I was gifted these shoes for her last summer and came across them last weekend while organizing her "accessories". I mean, how cute is she wearing them? 

She didn't mind wearing them, when she forgot about them! When she noticed them she'd mess with them. Later that day we went to Target and she took them off. These are a size 3 and she seems to be awfully close to needing at size 4. 

One of the sweetest pics!

She was on a mission to make friends. 

Excited she found the big kid books 

The Face....

I had thought it would be too hard to capture her "squishy" face, but she is SO into now, especially while eating.... haha. 


When organizing the photos for the week I realized I have tons of Embry just playing. It is how we spend the majority of our days I suppose! She is just so busy, into everything (sometimes her toys, sometimes things she's not supposed to), and moves quick! Here goes... 

Daddy and Embry playing with Athena

One of her favorite play spots...the pantry...

Kissing the cute girl in the mirror

Saying bye to Eliot

Play date at Eliot's house

She loved this big truck! 

Reading one of her favorite books

Playing with dolly

Looked over and she had climbed up on her chair! Yikes!!

Playing/Helping Mommy

Such a nice afternoon with friends in our neighbors pool! E and I swam for over 2 hours!


Friday morning E and I hit the road to Austin. I was a hostess for one of my best friends baby showers on Saturday and now Embry and I are here to wait it out for Baby Hart (due tomorrow!)

We've had fun the past two days and she's been such a good girl, until a rough night of sleep last night! Dare I say my guess is teeth coming in??? Haha!! Here are a few pictures from our stay so far! 

Embry and Ernie

Here Mimi, let me share with you!

She loves her Uncle Jon!

Bath time with an audience!  It's just the best having family that is just as in love with your baby as you are =)

Piano baby

Workout baby! 

Embry's outfit for the baby shower! The theme was pink and navy!

Erin & Baby Avery!  The guest(s) of honor!

Taking selfies at the shower with "auntie" Kristen =) Embry pulls out "the face"

Just happened to catch her standing for a split second.

Reading bedtime books with Papa

So sweet!


SHOVELING in zucchini, squash and tomatoes. 

Waving to the cute baby in the phone =)

Saying bye bye to Daddy 

Our first trip to Trader Joe's! 

"I wonder if they have my size......"

Happiest girl!
Talking to her waffle

Crazy coupon Costco girly

Helping herself to Daddy's Cheerios 


Embry's squishy face.... 

Embry and her pink ball...she loves this thing!

Embry copies Daddy!

Embry and Athena...the cutest! Athena is the best dog ever! 

Embry playing with her push toy...

Embry waves to Daddy mowing... (from last weekend)

Embry chatting...

Embry playing with Eliot's truck

Embry gets stuck in her book

Embry crawls to Daddy...

Embry walking in her flip flops

Embry and her mirror

Embry Chatting

Embry giggles with Daddy

Embry and Ernie

Embry and the toy dog

Embry throws the ball for Ernie! (One of my faves!)

Embry and Uncle Jon

Embry and Mommy...

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