Sunday, August 11, 2013

Embry: 44 Weeks

Still no Baby Hart! Embry and I have been in Austin for 9 days and counting waiting on the arrival of her new cousin! 

My Birthday

Monday August 5 I turned 27! It was kinda sad to not be with Jacob, but it was fun to be in Austin with my family, waiting on Baby Hart to arrive! Sunday evening we went out as a family, minus Jacob, to Z Tejas to celebrate. 

Monday, Mimi took Embry on some errands while she treated me to a pedicure to enjoy with Tomi! We then went out for a yummy lunch. That afternoon Tomi, Embry and I went shopping around the Domain and then once E went to bed, I went to dinner with Tomi, Ruthie and my girlfriends. 

Almost the perfect day....would have liked my nephew to arrive as my birthday gift =) 

Embry has this thing for Uncle Jon!

The whole gang, minus Jacob

Whoops, Mommy forgot a bib! We improvised!

Mesmerized with the candle!

Monday breakfast I gave her a whole peach (peeled) and she chowed it all down!

Here's the lipstick, Mimi!


This girl has expensive taste ;)

Having fun with Aunt Tomi

Mommy Baby Selfie

Waiting for Baby Hart

Here's how we've spent the last week in Austin. Lots of pool days, spending time with family, a few play-dates, etc! 

"Pass me the ball Uncle James!!! I'm open!!!"

Playing with her Dolly at Kiki and E-Pa's house!

I love you Dolly!


FaceTime with Daddy!

Giggles for E-Pa

Embry playing video games with Uncle James and the boys

Reading with Mimi

Spent the day playing at the Harts house with her cousins toys!

Testing out her cousins crib

We had a fun play date with Ruthie's neighbors who have an almost 4 month old! 

Embry and Gia- looking forward to many playdates over the years 

She loves her cousins letter blocks

Little musician

I think she's a little big for her cousins swing!

Come out and play baby boy!


The first day she started giving kisses on demand! (Video below)

Morning story time with Mimi

Another pool day!

Posing with Uncle James

The pool girls

Splash pad fun

This girl loves her Mimi

This ones for cousin Lindsay =) YUCK! 

ANOTHER new ball? Lucky girl!

Girls night with Kiki and Great Grandma Gordon at the Cheesecake Factory

Hugs for Great Grandma

She was quite the ham during dinner!!!! 

She was NOT impressed with the pouch of food I brought her!

Four generations of girls! Can't wait for more girls nights over the years with these ladies!

E playing basketball with Uncle James

ANOTHER pool day awaiting cousin Hart! At this point he was 3 days late!

Messy pool hair! (Definitely getting more/thicker hair in the back)

Cuddles with Uncle James

Sink bath splashing!

Friday morning cuddles!

Friday we were on Operation GBO (Get Baby Out) with a long walk

A family affair

Happy girl!

Watching Papa and James swim

Nakey swimming with Papa

Baby booty! So cute!

Cuddles with Uncle James

Very, very rare moment where she sat still and cuddled for about 8 minutes with James!

Papa and Embry playing iPad games!

Mimi and E after dinner at Jardin!

Saturday we went to Ruthie and Jon's house for fun and a play-date

Melaya showed up for a play-date in the SAME outfit as Embry! So funny!

Two girls, 8 days a part =)

E was quite the toy thief and kept swiping everything Melaya was holding

Um Aunt Ruthie can I have my cell phone back 


Sit, Stay......

Baby blues!!! 

Here's when the girls met in November! I think they were 7 & 8 weeks old! 

2 months old
10 months old

E having fun in another sink bath!

Nibbles from Papa


Embry giggles at Ernie (while hanging upside down!)

Embry and KD the cat...two cute videos! (She LOVES animals!)

Embry plays with Mimi's hood

Embry cruises in the pool

Embry giggles "running" from Papa

Embry watching "Too Cute". This was too cute itself-hah! It's a show with kittens and puppies and she kept shrieking and waving at the kitties on screen! Lots of short clips of her waving to the kittens!

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