Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Embry: Long Weekend in Austin February 2013

Yesterday afternoon Embry and I arrived home from a nice, long weekend in Austin! Embry finally got to meet Great Papa Fanning and see Great Grandma Fanning again (she visited in November) when they arrived from Chicago Saturday morning! 

We had a nice visit with Kiki at her office on Thursday evening and then were treated to a nice dinner! (Didn't get any photos! Bummer!)

Friday was Uncle James' first basketball game of the tournament. Embry (and I) dressed in our red and black to support Deerpark! We went to a ladie happy hour with some of the moms from the team before the game! 

Ya think Embry is loved? Mimi's new collage!

Babies Gone Wild

"Hi Papa"

Happy Hour- mesmerized by the beer, uh oh!

Getting ready to head to the game!

James' team won their game Friday night! Woo Hoo!

E and Papa during the game

Yay! Rangers won!

The "kids" after the game! Hello Cousin Hart! =)

That night when we got back to my parents house Embry put on a show in the tub...


Saturday morning we headed over to the next basketball game where Great Grandma and Papa were just rolling into town! 

Great Papa meeting Embry for the first time! Pure Joy!
We had one more game that afternoon, and Miss E had an outfit change of course =). She had a great nap at home before the last game and was very alert during the game. She kept following/watching the players on the court. True basketball fan already!

That night we celebrated Valentine's Day and had a nice meal at home. Here are some pictures from the evening... Even got to FaceTime Daddy!

Love you Aunt Tomi

James teaching Emmy spanish! 


Great Papa making Embry laugh

FaceTime with Jacob!

Sunday we woke up and went to Jardin Corona (for the second time of the weekend) and had breakfast with some of my girlfriends! So fun! And again I didn't get any pictures! Boo! When we got home Embry took a good nap and when she woke Aunt Tomi went in to get her...

The rest of the day we ran some errands and hung around the house!

My cow is so much fun!

We still can't leave home without Sophie the Giraffe 

Went on a walk with Great Gram and Papa

Uncle James got Embry up from her afternoon nap!
Sunday evening Embry decided to check a big milestone off! Rolling from back to front! She has rolled from tummy to back a few times, but hadn't shown many signs of rolling back to tummy. It typically doesn't happen until 5-6 months, but Sunday evening while playing on the floor with me and James she seemed as if she was about to roll...

Almost rolling

Tummy time is getting more bearable

Then James and my dad went off to James' basketball training. The rest of us spent some time playing.... Then Embry decided to ROLL!!! I knew it was coming so luckily was able to get it on CAMERA!!! Yay!!!

The first and second roll....

Then we were able to catch it on the iPhone to send Jacob!

Then Embry even performed while FaceTiming Jacob!! So cool!

So fun that she can roll now....but it's making diaper changes much harder... that night she rolled three times after bath before I could get her diaper on!

Baby booty!
My last picture of the weekend I snapped right after I swaddled her and laid her in her crib, right before I turned out the light. This shows just how happy and easy going she is. She grins even as she's going to sleep! Jacob said this was his favorite picture of the weekend!

Fun weekend in Austin!!! Loved getting to see a bunch of our family and friends! Of course Embry was thrilled to see Daddy last night and he even thought she grew "so much" over the four days!

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