Thursday, February 7, 2013

Embry: 18 Weeks and 4 Month Well Check

This update comes early since Embry and I just arrived in Austin for a long weekend! We are here to see Uncle James' basketball tournament and welcome Great Grandma and Papa Fanning into Austin for the start of their month stay! 

Updates on a Few Things:

Sleep-I am probably jinxing myself, but her sleep seems back on track! Bed time at 8:00 pm on the dot...she sure is ready for bed RIGHT at 8:00! She sleeps 12+ hours with a quick break after 8-10 hours. Today she slept 'til 6:30am (and had gone to bed at 8:00 pm). It was awesome but for any of you breast feeding ladies know, I woke up in pain!!! And with my PJs soaked! Hah!

Bottle- Not such great news....Jacob and I have coined the phrase "bottle strike 2k13" and it's still going strong.... Hoping Mimi and Papa can help this weekend ;)

New Trick- Embry now does this blowing bubble/making noise (SPIT) started this week when she was mocking Jacob during dinner. It continued in her bedroom that night and we caught it on camera....

Then the next days, she was still going strong....and SLOBBERY!!!


Here are a bunch of pictures from the week and below I'll update on her 4-month well check!

Her eyes are lightening up! So pretty!

Such a Jacob look!
Silly face!

Pretty baby!

Gnawing on Sophie the giraffe

Yup, still loves her feet!

Wearing one of my sweaters from when I was a baby!

Little Yellow Riding Hood on a walk

Super Bowl Party!

Little Miss couldn't last through half time!

Monday Daddy came home from lunch!

EVERYTHING goes into the mouth, even Daddy's hands during bath.

What Embry "sent" to Ruthie and Jon on their wedding anniversary this week.

Shopping at Target

On a walk in the Bjorn!

Not only does she love playing with her feet, she loves chewing on them!

Happy Happy Girl

Bath time!

I laid her in the middle of the mat, went and put in a load of laundry and came back to this... She moves SO quick!!!
Awesome video of our giggly girl!

Four Month Check Up

Wednesday February 6 we went to Embry's  4 Month Well Check! It was at 11:30 am and I had to wake up Miss E at 10:50 am from her morning nap...I HATE waking a sleeping baby!! But luckily she was still very pleasant!!

Ready to go to the doctor!

At the last minute Jacob was able to take an early lunch and was able to make it! We cracked up when the nurse set Embry on her tummy in front of the mirror...she immediately started grinning at herself! 

Then she rolled over onto her back, which she's only done one other time, a few weeks ago! Little show off!

Hi Daddy!

Stats from the doctor:
Weight- 15 lb 9.5 oz (93 percentile)
Length- 26.5 in (>95 the chart) We measured her at an inch longer last week...of course it's hard to measure a wiggly baby, but either way, she's off the chart....tall girl!
Head Circumference- 43.5 cm (95 percentile)

Embry's in great health and doing really well. We got the green light to start solids, so next week we'll probably start with some rice cereal. 

We also had to fill out a 3 page survey of all sorts of milestones in multiple categories (social development, fine motor development, etc...). In the five categories Embry scored above average in all five. It was awesome to see that, especially after our worrisome first few months of her life... 

After chatting for awhile with the doctor, she had to get two shots and one oral vaccine. She was such a champ and didn't cry during the first shot, but did during the second. She quickly calmed when I picked her up. 

The shots didn't seem to affect her the rest of the day. We ran a few errands and she acted fine and slept fine the rest of the day/night.
Happy little one running errands after her appointment!

Love this chunky leg!

In my book "Your Baby's First Year: Week By Week" I saw the Embry is about the size of a six month old!
I think she looks so old in these pics in the bath tub!
Bath time!

All packed and ready for Austin!


  1. I love reading your updates on Embry! She is so adorable...I still can't believe you have a daughter!! Crazy stuff. I'm praying for your sweet little family!

    1. Thank you Abbi!!! So glad you read =)