Sunday, February 3, 2013

Embry: 17 Weeks


Last Sunday night I was frustrated, talking to my mom after a second night in a row where Embry refused to take her night time bottle. My mom mentioned that she may have an ear infection and that her babies always refused bottle when infected. It made complete sense. She just hadn't seemed quite herself over the weekend. Remember me mentioning we didn't hear her giggle but once all weekend? 

First thing Monday I called her pediatrician and we were able to get in that afternoon.

She sure loves the mirrors at the doctor!

Chatting, aka chowing, on her phone!

Miss E weighed in at 15 lb 7 oz! 

Once the pedi came in, she checked and both her ears looked great!?!?! Well then she checked her throat and she said it was red and had little sores on it! Poor baby!! She told me to go home and google Herpangina. Yikes! Poor Embry! 

It's a virus, so no antibiotic, but she told me to just keep her on Tylenol for the next few days. That did wonders. She was back to being happy, giggly Embry that evening! Here's Embry after one dose of Tylenol....

By Thursday she seemed completely fine! I stopped giving her Tylenol Thursday afternoon. 

Still Exciting....

Embry's feet are still big news.... coming in at a close second after her hands, which are ALWAYS in her mouth! 

When you can't get a foot in your mouth, a sock will just have to do!


We've tried over the past few weeks to move her bedtime back a little bit, so we can enjoy some alone time in the evenings. With her going down at 9:00 we basically had time to shower, get stuff ready for the morning and head to bed. Last week she went down by 8:30 and all this week it's been 8:00 pm on the dot. Regardless of whether she wakes up from her last nap at 4:30 pm or as late as 6:15 pm, she seems ready to sleep at 8:00! 

We have been doing bath at 7:00 pm and have been staying in her room after she gets into her PJs. We used to go into the living room and hang for a little. We now just all three (and usually Athena too!) hang out in her room, reading, singing, etc. 

She's getting better about the "4 Month Sleep Regression" and wakes up somewhere between 4:30-6:00 am and then up for the day at 8:00-8:15 am. I think (crossing fingers) she's about to drop the middle of the night feeding...from the time I get out of bed and the time I get back into bed, is now 15 minutes max! It used to be at least 30. She's definitely eating less and less. 

Baby Bottle Drama

So like I said above, last weekend Embry refused her night time bottle. She screamed bloody murder!!! She is not a crier when she gets up in the middle of the night, or in the morning, I always wake up to her grunting around, never crying. She rarely, rarely cries. So after Monday I decided we'd give her a few days off of the bottle since it was obviously causing her throat pain. 

Wednesday we tried again with the bottle and same thing...screaming. I was so desperate that by Thursday I went out and bought a few new types of bottles, including the Nuk brand...same nipple as her paci, hoping she'd like that. I also tried giving her a bottle at EACH of her feedings during the day, thinking maybe she's associating bottle with bedtime?! No luck. 

We're sticking it out, hoping that she will give in eventually, but as of today, we've been over a week with her refusing her bottle! Ugh!

My dear father has implied that, and I quote, "Karma's a bitch, Cor"! Haha! I was the baby that REFUSED anything besides the boob for 15 months! Hearing those stories over and over is one of the main reasons we've MADE Embry take a bottle ever single day. When it'd be much easier for me to just nurse her, we've been diligent about this. Hoping this is a fluke week...

Anyway, wish us luck! On to the fun stuff...


Emmy and Mommy- little elfie girl =)

Hanging with Daddy before he goes to work

Rocking my $0.75 thrift store find for Valentine's Day

Posing with Athena

Smiley girl

Whoops! Her kicking got the best of her!! She kicked the bars over trying to turn herself...

Going on a walk in the Bjorn

For some reason I'm anxious for Embry to not be swaddled anymore...I tried one day during nap and she did NOT know what to do. She kicked around for 25 minutes so I finally went in and swaddled her... Within 30 seconds she was asleep. I've decided she sleeps SO well that I'm not going to mess with it! My mom suggested waiting until she rolls from back to tummy to stop.

Picture from last Sunday when the Celts beat the Heat! =)

Happy girl!

What we sent to James on the night of his big game!

Smiling at her stuffed monkey, Bananas

Bumbo time

Yum! Plastic foot and giraffe for dinner!

One night Daddy had to work late, so we did bath all alone!

Little love bug

Baby muffin top? Hehehe! Mean Mama made her wear these cute leggings one last time, even though they're 0-3 months!

Looks like she's trying to talk here!

Smiley wiley baby- this is what we walk into in the mornings when she wakes up!

Another selfie shot =)

Tired baby at the grocery store. She loves cuddling with her little lovey blanket.

All smiles =)

Getting loved on by our neighbors while out on a walk

Embry and neighbor Dawn 

Morning play time 

Totally looks just like Jacob in this pic!

Tummy time on Daddy's leg is fun!

Getting ready to go out to dinner...checkin herself out!

Who's that cute girl?

Probably my new favorite picture of Emmy!
Bathing blue-eyed beauty!

Bath time fun!

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