Wednesday, August 22, 2012

32 Week Appointment

32 Weeks

Monday I hit the 32 week mark...only EIGHT weeks left! The crazy thing is it doesn't seem that long ago that we went to the doctor for the first time when I was 8 weeks pregnant! Time seriously has flown by!

Here is the 32 week photo:

32 w, 1 d

Things have been going good lately, although sleeping has become quite uncomfortable. I now wake up every two hours or so and have to switch to the other side to lay on. It seems like it's a huge chore to turn over, that half the time I just get up and go to the bathroom. I'm averaging 2-3 nighttime bathroom breaks. Ugh!

Also, the whole bending down to pick things up off the ground is nearly impossible. With a 17-19 inch baby (according to the 'baby books') scrunched up in my stomach, it makes sense that bending at my waist is difficult! Most of you know I babysit for a family two nights a week (next week will be my last week with them) with a 2 year old and 3 year old. Last night I was playing ball with the three year old and I asked him if he could come pick up the ball for me. He asked if the baby was in my way! When I said, yes William it's hard for me to bend over with this baby in my belly... he told me, Cori, just bend your knees and squat down! Hah. A few minutes later I picked up the ball and he cheered and clapped for me! I love it! It did feel like a big accomplishment! =)

We had our doctor's appointment yesterday (Tuesday) and everything went well. I was thrilled to get to see my own doctor again after now having appointments with the other four doctors in the practice. My belly measured on track, my blood pressure is still really good, and Embry's heart rate was 146 bpm. Something I brought up was the possibility of inducing early since I have gestational diabetes. She said that since I barely failed the 1 and 3 hour tests, that my numbers have been so good and there has never been a need for insulin that they aren't worried at all about the GD. I was a little bummed, because the planner (control freak) in me wanted to be able to pick the date she's born.... =) With that said, we will do a sonogram at 36 weeks and possibly 38 weeks to check on birth weight. I guess in four weeks when we have the sonogram we will find out if there's a worry of her being a big baby. We also got our flu shots since we'll have a newborn in the house during flu season this year. This years batch just came out last week.

Other Things...

Last week my girlfriend, Ashli, came over and we had a fun girls day of putting together baby things! She was so sweet to offer her help doing manual labor! We put together the stroller, car seat, swing and bouncer and did our fair share of chatting =) Thanks Ash!!

This weekend we barely left the house. We got take out both nights for dinner and Saturday I stayed in my PJs ALL DAY LONG! I spent the majority of the weekend crafting. I pulled out my sewing machine for the second time since getting it in 2006 and retaught myself how to sew. (Okay, threading the machine took me almost 2 hours, but now I'm a pro) I spruced up some of Embry's burp cloths. I also found a bunch of bow tutorials online and taught myself to make hair bows.

Six down, six to go!

E's hair far...
 I also had Jacob spray paint this frame and matting for me to make this for her room...

The nursery is almost complete! The bedding was shipped out to us yesterday and I cannot wait to see it in the room. In a few weeks, Ruthie is coming to town and will get some photos of the nursery and I'll share on here and Facebook! Can't wait! 

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