Friday, August 10, 2012

30 Week Appointment

This Monday I hit the 30 week mark! We have had a crazy past few weeks and I just went to my 30 week appointment today, even though I am 30 w, 4 d. We were able to get my 30 week photo done on Monday morning before I left to go on my last business trip before baby!

Like my 28 week photo, this was taken early morning before an early flight, so again I look super sleepy and puffy! Oh well!

30 w, 0 d

Doctor's Appointments

Today I had two appointments; one with the diabetes doctor and one with my OBGYN.

I had my FINAL appointment with the diabetes center! My doctor was thrilled with my blood sugar readings and said I never have to come back! Yay! He also left me with some 'food for thought'... He was interested in if my doctor had me fast for my blood glucose tests. I said yes and that I actually was quite dehydrated for my three hour test. He told me that most doctors have their patients eat and drink before the tests and he has a theory that in some cases of fasting beforehand, some women's bodies can handle the really sugary drink, but then go on to have no issues with blood sugar readings over their pregancy. If anything, it's been good to be cautious I suppose.

As for my 30 week OBGYN appointment, I met the final doctor in my practice. I liked her, but was not impressed with her bedside-manner. Of course, it was a 4:00 pm Friday appointment and I wasn't seen until 4:40, so she had one foot out the door. She never even told me the baby's heartrate! Also, I didn't get the chance to mention my bloody nose and crazy foot swelling from last weekend to her. I did say I was worried that the baby seemed big because I feel bigger than other people I see and she laughed and said my fundal measurement was exactly 30 weeks. She reassured me that I was growing right on track. She also told me I will have one more sonogram at 36 weeks to check on estimated birth weight, so that's exciting news!

How I've Been Feeling

I have continued to feel good, but have started to get uncomfortable at some points. This past week flying (without Jacob) I realized how I am just getting too big to fly. When I am wearing jeans especially, it's really tough to bend and tie my own shoes!

Tying my shoes before I left for the airport!

I also dropped something on the plane on Monday and attempted to lean over to get it, but it was a goner. I just can't really bend, especially from a sitting position anymore! It was kind of surprising to me how unhelpful people were to a big pregnant lady! Retrieving my luggage off the cart while 50 other people are fighting for their bags is just not fun anymore!

I am still sleeping fine, I just wake up and have to change positions every other hour or so. It's really only possible to sleep on my side, but every few hours each side starts to hurt. I will kind of miss business trips sleeping alone in a king size bed full of pillows propping me up! ;)

The weekend of my baby shower, my feet started swelling BADLY! Friday morning I woke up and my feet and ankles were one with my legs... All weekend they were just awful. They were HUGE and I thought it was going to be a new pregnancy symptom, but Sunday when we got back to Dallas, Jacob ran out and got me compression stockings for my trip and I wore them while flying and I've not had any more swelling! Thank Goodness!!!

Other News

I still owe two very important posts... my amazing baby shower from last weekend and a post of maternity pictures that Ruthie took of me and Jacob (and Athena) last weekend. I will try to get those posts up this weekend or next week!

Like I said earlier, I am DONE traveling for work as of yesterday! So thankful for that! I do plan on working right up until the day I give birth, since I'll be working from home from here on out, I can work from my bed if I need to!

We've been quite addicted to the Olympics and I think Jacob will have withdrawls this weekend when they end!

Jacob is spending his days job hunting and is optimistic about getting a job before Embry arrives.

The nursery continues to come together! I am almost done with a collage wall for her room I've been working on. I am waiting for two more things to put up there. When Ruthie comes to town in September, I'm going to have her take some nice photos of the room and hope to have everything complete then to share! =) Also, the custom bedding I had made should be in by September 1.

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