Sunday, September 27, 2015

Todd Lucas is Here!

Todd's Birth

We woke up at 6:30 am on Friday morning and had to be at the hospital at 8:30 am! Surprisingly Jacob and I each got a good night sleep. It was so nice to get to spend some time with Embry before we had to head to the hospital. I, shockingly, didn't get emotional leaving her like I thought I would...I had cried a bit the night before during bedtime stories, but it was good!

The pre-op and everything was so much more relaxed and happy than it was with Embry. I remember the day of her birth dreading her coming out because it meant we would have to face all of her health problems. This time was so relaxing and just so different overall. No NICU team in the OR, just very calm and happy environment. 

Both sets of our parents were at the hospital when Todd was born and we had a quick visit from them beforehand in the pre-op/recovery area.

I was wheeled back and got my spinal and the surgery began quickly! Jacob was brought back in and Todd was born at 11:13 am! The doctors commented on how big he was and how much blonde hair he had! It was so crazy that within minutes Jacob was holding him and just walking around the OR with him. Once I was closed up, they immediately had me do skin to skin with Todd and wheeled us back to the recovery room. I think he was nursing by 11:40. We asked when we could have family back and the nurse said as soon as I was comfortable with it, and so we called the grands back!

A nurse for T came in and did the full newborn check in the room and the grandparents got to watch. It was apparent from the very beginning how much Todd looked exactly like Jacob!

Last bump pic with Embry!

T's birth time!

We couldn't get over his blonde hair and still can't!

Birth weight shot!

Skin-to-skin as we were wheeled to the recovery room

Grandparent paparazzi!

Embry and Todd Meet

Later on Friday afternoon, when I was settled into my room, Embry came up to the hospital to meet her baby brother. The week before I had stumbled across a photographer who was looking for people having babies soon to add to her "birth photography" portfolio. So I was thrilled when she offered to come snap some pictures of Embry meeting Todd! E had been at our house with the Harts and napped there with her cousins. It was nice I got to my room around 2:00 pm and they got up to the hospital about 3:30 pm. It all would have been perfect....but from 2:00pm-8:00pm I basically puked my brains out. I had felt great after the c-section in recovery, but when I was being wheeled to my room the nausea began. It was pretty awful, which makes me especially glad we have these photos! I literally was able to say hi to Embry and then I spent the rest of her visit throwing up =(

Embry opening her big sister gift from Todd (which was a big sister necklace)

One of my favorite pics!

Our Hospital Stay

The rest of our stay was pretty uneventful and restful. My nausea was finally under control by 8:00 pm on Friday evening and I stayed in the hospital until Monday afternoon (when nausea returned...blah!). We had family come and a few friends but for the most part it was a nice restful, bonding time! Jacob stayed with me and Todd the first night, but stayed at home with Embry the second and third night. It was nice to keep her on a normal schedule/routine with Daddy at home, with frequent visits to see me and Todd. By the last night it was apparent she was ready for Mommy to come home as there were lots of tears at bedtime, but she did great considering she's only spent a few nights away from me ever in her life.

Aunt Rudy and Toddy

5 hours old and 5 months old!

Papa and Mimi and their FOUR grands!

After T's first bath late Friday night! I was going gaga over his blonde locks!

Looks SO SO much like his Daddy!

Visit from cousin Ford!

Honorary Auntie Annie =)

And honorary Nana Barbara!

E-Pa, Kiki and their grands!

The Higgins crew- Grandpa Higgins and Uncle Luke

Will this girl ever leave me alone

My navy babies ready to go home from the hospital!

Our First Week at Home

It's been a nice, relaxing first week home for the most part. My first two full days at home I had a horrible head ache that was making me nauseous and really just out of it. Jacob and my mom both got on to me for already being off of any pain medicine and just taking Tylenol. Wednesday after Todd's pediatrician appointment I took a pain pill and felt like a new woman. I realized I don't need to be a hero and I'd just had major surgery and staying on pain pills for a few more days was much better than being laid up in bed in pain! 

Wednesday Todd had his first pediatrician appointment and weighed in at 8 pounds 5.5 ounces. His discharge weight on Monday was 8 pounds 1 ounce, so the doctor was thrilled he's already gaining weight! 

We have a week full of doctor's appointments this upcoming week- Monday I get my staples out at my OBGYN, Wednesday we have an appointment with the urologist to get Todd's circumcision done (our pediatrician recommended we have it done by a urologist because his foreskin didn't go quite to the end), and Friday we have Embry's 3 year well check and Todd's 2 week well check! 

We've been completely spoiled by my mom this week. Embry is Mimi obsessed, so I've had a nice relaxing week, letting my mom do the "heavy lifting" with Embry. They've gone out on fun adventures to parks and libraries and stores all week to leave me time to rest at home. We haven't had to lift a finger to cook or clean or do any chores of any sort. Can't Mimi stay forever???? 

Sucking on his thumb!

Bedtime in his bassinet

Burping their babies!

Baby Todd nursing while Embry takes care of her doll

The hair!

So far he's a fan of the Mam brand pacis

Super T!

Mimi and Toddy

This will never get old!

Mimi's officially given all four of her grands their first baths at home.

Once he had his paci he didn't mind it too much!

Nothing is cuter than his freshly washed hair!

Hair and smirk!!!!!!

Big sis has been so into Legos this week!

Mimi and E sending me selfies from Sams!

Mine and Todd's first walk with Mimi and Embry

Mimi beauty shop

The boys watching Thursday night football

E's new playroom set up. Living the life!

Todd's first tea party

He's quite the sleep smiler

Saturday afternoon snoozing

Embry taking her job of helping bathe Todd very seriously

Crazy haired milk man

Saying bye to Mimi



  1. Beautiful family! Yes, Todd looks so much like has dad!!!

  2. Beautiful family! Yes, Todd looks so much like has dad!!!