Thursday, September 17, 2015

One Last Everything Embry Post: September 17

So tomorrow our baby boy, Todd Lucas, is making his appearance! I figured I'd do one last "Everything Embry" post about our week since posting may be sporadic for awhile =) And clearly it won't be everything Embry anymore ;) We had quite the eventful last week as a family of three!!

Embry's currently napping while I'm waiting for both sets of our parents to arrive and my sister and her family. We'll have a nice relaxing evening here tonight with pizza and then send everyone on their way and have one last night as a family of three to put Embry to bed. So surreal to go to bed tonight and wake up and go to the hospital tomorrow to have a baby! Even though I had a scheduled c-section with Embry, circumstances were SO different...this is completely new to us! 

Stomach Bug

I was SO looking forward to Embry's first day of school Monday! She is staying at the same Mother's Day Out at the church where we do MOPS but the fall session began this week and Embry started going twice a week! Well Monday morning Jacob and I were both up before Embry and when he heard her, he went into her room...I heard... "Mommy, we have throw up.....". She had thrown up all over her bed.....Selfishly my mind was racing with all of the things I needed to get done while she was at school! But poor girl was pretty puny while we put her in the bath and cleaned up. She immediately wanted a popsicle and I gave her a Welch's White Grape Juice popcicle and within about 10 minutes she threw it up. She wanted one of her Greek yogurt popscicles and silly enough, I gave it to her along with water and within about 10 minutes she threw that up. I stopped on the food after that and she went an hour without puking. She started begging for snacks and we started slowly with toast, crackers with peanut butter, banana, etc. Pretty much the worst part of the rest of the day was arguing with her about food. She perked up and seemed fine the rest of the day, but we hung around the house and laid low. 


Tuesday we met a few of our friends at the Arboretum for one last trip before Toddy arrives! My all time favorite time of year there is when Pumpkin Village is open and it opens this weekend! Lucky for us, they already had a TON of pumpkins out! We had a fun time, picnicked for lunch, and E burned a ton of energy running with friends. She had a hard fall on the concrete....more on that later....

"First Day of School"

Wednesday Embry was pumped to go off to her first day of school. She didn't change classrooms or teachers, but there are quite a few new kids in her class. Her teachers said she talked a lot about her baby brother and all about his diapers and wipes! Hah!

How Embry really went off to school---Very into Super Embry these days!

Final OB/Perinatologist Check-Ups

I was supposed to see my OBGYN and Perinatologst for one last checkup Monday, but with a sick toddler and no family in town, I rescheduled. I had one last sonogram and Todd is measuring at 8 pounds even. We'll see how accurate that is! With Embry they were estimating her to be like 10 pounds 12 ounces....haha, so they were a pound over...but I'm thinking he'll be around 8 pounds. My fluid levels have stayed normal and in Dr. Rinehart's own words "he looks perfect"! One last quick stop into my OB's office and we touch based about Friday and she checked me and I'm 1 cm dilated. (I never dilated any with Embry)

One Last Pediatrician Stop

So E took quite a spill on concrete at the Arboretum and cut up her elbow pretty bad. She babied it that day, but I tried to ignore her. That evening I noticed her holding it funny, in like a sling position, and I started to get worried. That night Jacob checked it out and thought she seemed to be okay, but we agreed to reevaluate in the morning. 

When she got up she hopped out of bed and started playing with her dolls one handed and was back to holding her arm up on her chest... We never mentioned her arm to her Jacob thought I should take her in. She would fully extend it, but not that often, so we were worried.

After rescheduling my doctor's appointments already that week, I decided to still send her to school and got an appointment for right after school. I was glad I took her in, but everything checked out fine. The doctor was able to do some manipulations on her arm and tell it wasn't broken or dislocated. He was glad we brought her in since elbows are the number one injury for toddlers, but he thinks it's just a nasty bruise mixed with a pretty bad scratch and she's babying it because of that. Phew! 

While there we got her flu shot! She let out a yell when she saw the nurse stick it in her leg, but never cried. She thought she was super tough.

Wednesday morning being Super Embry, but holding her arm funny


Final day as an only child! Chick-fil-a date with my girl!

So busy at lunch


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