Friday, April 6, 2012

12 Week Appointment

Hi friends!

We had our 12 week appointment, sonogram and genetic testing done this Thursday (April 5).

It was SO fun to see our wild and crazy baby. He/she had all of us, including the sonogram tech, belly laughing. In Jacob's words, "that baby is having a good old time in there!" Flips, wiggles, kicking, all non stop. The poor tech couldn't even get all of the necessary measurements for the genetic testing because the baby wouldn't stay still long enough.

I had hoped we would get one of those perfect sonogram pictures with the beautiful silhouette still shots. Heck, I even have the perfect frame to put it in (thanks Grandma Premer!). Anyway, no such luck. Baby Higgins had other plans in mind and decided to play the entire time. The sonogram tech even struggles to get the baby to stay still long enough to be able to measure the heart rate. She finally got a good reading and the HR was 162 BPM.

One thing we were itching to find out was the measurement of the baby. At our 8 week apoitment (done at 7 weeks, 4 days) the baby was measuring 6 weeks, 6 days. Our doctor didn't seem to concerned because of the margin of error, especially when the baby is SO tiny at that point, one little click off and it could be days off. Well at this appointment I was 12 weeks, 3 days and the baby measured 12 weeks, 4 days. So we are for sure on track for our October 15 due date!

Everything with me also checked out great. My blood pressure is still great and I've gained two pounds. (Sure feels like WAY more! Blah!) I've definitely felt a difference these past two weeks with feeling extremely bloated and puffy. My jeans are now officially uncomfortable, but still wearable.

I go back for a check up for myself at 16 weeks and we have scheduled our Gender Reveal Sonogram for Friday May 11! The day before Jacob's Law School graduation. We will be thinking up a fun way to tell our families on Saturday May 12 when they are all in Dallas.

Now for the fun part. The sonogram tech gave us the three best shots she could capture!


That's all for now! -The Higgins

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