Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Announcing Baby Higgins

Hello Friends!

We have decided to start a blog to keep family and friends up to date on the latest Baby Higgins news!

Monday February 6 Jacob and I found out that we were pregnant! It was the longest week ever keeping the secret from EVERYONE; especially my mom and sisters, who I talk to daily. I slept horrible all week long and thought I had some sort of pregnacy insomnia.

Jacob and I were already planning a trip to Austin that weekend and were already scheduled to have dinner Saturday night with both of our families, plus my Grandma and Papa Fanning from Chicago.

We planned to surprise the families that night by having my dad open his birthday gift. He opened his real gift first, a fleece jacket, then a frame that says "Grandpa & Me".

"Grandpa Todd's" birthday gift

The proud Grandparents-to-be
I was so anxious for it all to unfold Saturday night that I was nauseous all day. It's the only nausea I've experienced during pregnancy!

It worked out perfectly; all family members (Todd, Jimi, Ruthie, Jon, Tomi, James, Wendy, Jim, Mark and Kathleen) were all in the kitchen. We actually captured it on our new HD video camera!

That night we also made phone calls to Jacob's brothers, Luke and Adam, and most of the great-grand parents to be. (Also caught on video) Sunday morning we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Gordon's house with the Embrys to share our news in person!

The future great grandparents!

The next few weeks were tough to keep our lips sealed to everyone else. We vowed to not tell anyone else until we saw Baby Higgins with our own eyes at my 8 week appointment. Friday March 2 we went to a three hour OBGYN Appointment. We were immediately taken back to the sonogram room and within minutes were looking at a squirmy Baby Higgins on the screen.

Baby Higgins first photo!

We got to hear the heartbeat (164 bpm), which Jacob and I both agreed was the coolest thing ever. The rest of the appointment involved meeting with nurses to tell us what would be happening over the next few months, getting new parent goodies, and meeting with my doctor, who I just adore! Oh and can't forget about the bloodwork. I don't think I've ever had so much blood taken from me at once! Phew.

That weekend was so fun; it felt like we made a million phone calls. It was so exciting to finally be able to tell aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends!

Sunday March 4, I went ahead and put the news on Facebook. With so many people knowing, I knew it was only a matter of time before someone put it on Facebook and I wanted to be the ones to do it. It was so fun to read all of the sweet comments on Facebook. Gotta love social media.

Facebook Announcement

As for the mama to be, I have been feeling great for the past two months. I have had no morning sickness to speak of! Lucky me! The only bad symptom I've been having is exhaustion, and that word doesn't even describe it! Let me just say, I agree with all the pregnancy books, that it's exhausting carry a baby! But really, I know I am very lucky to be feeling so great. I've been able to keep up my normal work schedule, continue exercising, etc.

Now for the best part...the video! My awesome sister, Ruthie, has taken all of our video camera clips and combined it into a video for us. This shows us telling our families on Saturday February 11.

That's all for now! -The Higgins

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! cannot wait to meet little baby Higgins!!